“Desconectarse”… meaning– to let go of the things that are inhibiting you from being who you should be.

2014-09-07 06.42.59 When coming up with ideas on what to write I usually get inspired by a teacher, a class or something going on in my life.  Rarely am I able to be ‘given’ a topic and the words flow.  That’s just not how I work.  This time was no different – this time the Universe stepped in and said, “OH! I’ll give you something to write about.”  This is my first blog as a Cozy Orange Luminary and it’s exciting, yet nerve racking, but when I heard the topic was, Letting Go – it didn’t take long for all the reason to do just that, to appear.

Today, this week, this month has been a trying one – my yoga practice has been on full force but not in the way I would have traditionally imagined.  I haven’t really practiced, my life has been an uphill climb between work, projects, friends, people and just the sh*t that God gives you to remind you how strong you are.  Practice yoga? Where would I find the time, at least right now?  On a recent trip to LA, I stopped by Cafe Gratitude and as I paid for “I am Grateful Beet Juice” and I am Eternal Raw Greek Salad Wrap” the cashier asked me if I wanted the daily question.  Well, I had never heard of this so of course I said, Yes!  The question of the day would become my mantra for all the days to follow, “What will you give away today?”

  What will I give away? Is that material? Physical? Metaphorically? She said it could be anything – I thought about it for a2014-09-05 18.58.57moment and all the things I had been dealing with that day, all the traffic I encountered getting to LA, my injured knee, my overall dissatisfaction with how my life looked at that moment and I said, I give away frustration.  To be honest it wasn’t the moment that I said it that I felt it leave my body but when I said it again and realized that that was my answer that I felt this weight shift.  Frustration like anger, like jealousy, like greed, like poison – ONLY and always only will affect the person that feels it.  When I made the decision to ‘give away’ my frustration for everything, that was the moment I let go.  I let go of trying to control a situation or its outcome, I let go of how my being, my peace, my person felt and how it had become entangled in something that was clearly out of my control.  I gave it away because the only thing I can control is me.  I gave it away because it didn’t serve me any longer and it was this angel at Cafe Gratitude that would remind me of that.

What will you give away today?  A mantra that you can ask yourself every morning, or maybe when you feel the world spinning out of control.  A lot has happened this month in my life and every day I’ve had to ask myself this and get back on track.  This is my yoga right now.  It’s not an asana, it’s not so much a meditation but a conscious decision to keep moving forward and let go of anything holding me back.

Yoga as SEVA


When we treat ourselves well we treat others well. When we allow space for ourselves we can provide space for others. When we give to ourselves we can then give more to others.

I heard this in class tonight and thought what a concept, yoga as SEVA. SEVA as we know is selfless service – for many of us we think this has to be ‘actual work’ done outside of ourselves but what if it’s the work we do on ourselves?

Today was the first day in a long time I had an afternoon to do NOTHING. I was off from work and no place to be until 5p! I had a whole day planned, a list as long as my arm and intentions of making the most of my day by filling it with being busy. Turns out my day had other intentions. I woke up, I made myself breakfast, I juiced, I sat on the couch and literally didn’t move for eight hours. I drifted in and out of episodes of Lost on Netflix, and bask in the sun coming through the windows. After about the second hour I realized that I had lost all motivation to go, do, be anywhere other than home.

I spend so much time running around, working, doing, doing, doing, but when do I do something for me. Today my body said NO you’re not even going to do yoga, you’re going to stay home and nourish yourself by doing nothing.

It wasn’t until tonight, when it was time for work (hosting a Valentine’s Day yoga party) and the guest teacher spoke about yoga as SEVA that I realized how true that is. I could have run around town today trying to do all that my list requested, and then been to tired to really enjoy this evening or give my all to the guest that came expecting something really amazing. Instead I was calm, I was rested, I was on my game and tonight turned out amazing.

My list will be there tomorrow and maybe there are things I should have done today but you know what I don’t care. Knowing when to say yes to yourself is always way more important than doing, just because.

So, how can you do for yourself? How can you give back to yourself? How can you SEVA in your own life so you can be even more present for others? Share your comments below.

On a final note, it’s Valentine’s Day so you should be loving yourself anyway even if you have a mate in your life – show yourself some love!

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How to Make Yoga Fun in 25 Minutes (or less)


Yogi recess.

What a concept. Do you remember when you would wait all morning just have to recess while at school? We’d run out of class into the yard and straight to our retreat of choice – whether it was the swings, slide, monkey bars or in my case – 30 MINUTE DANCE PARTY.  Yes! everyday a group of us girls would run out onto the open area of the lawn, boom box in hand and totally let loose.  For 3o minutes we were the queens of soul train, the divas of Broadway and the stars of Star Search (OK I think I totally just dated myself).  This dance party was our way of exerting all that pent up energy and excitement we had been storing all morning; a way of expressing ourselves and completely letting go and being in the moment.  It didn’t matter if we ended up all sweaty, hair messed up or dirty clothes with still a full day of classes – all that mattered was those 30 minutes and we were determined to milk them for every second.

happy-yogi-560x477Today, I don’t have many dance parties let alone a 30 minute break – I find myself running from one job to the next, one event to another and of course finding time for a consistent practice is key.  My dance parties have been replaced with 45 minute sculpt classes, 60 minute power flows and 90 minute restoratives (when I have the time).  But how fantastic it would be to just stop and break into dance in the middle of my day.

In fact, I recently did. Alone in the studio one day I had the music on and this urge to move suddenly came over me.  I had to get out of my seat, I had to move, shake and glide.  What liberation! We forget sometimes how easy it is to just let loose, be free and literally go with the music.  We as humans make life so serious that we forget what it means to be childlike.  Even in our practice, are you finding the music, the dance, the freedom in it? Or has it become something else to check off your list of things to do?  Are you still having fun?

Host-A-Dance-Party-webYoga was designed as a therapy, a healing tool – just as laughter and long walks and healthy eating should be.  Yoga should be your play time, your space where life is not so serious.  Where on your mat you’ll be able to just be in that moment and feel the ground beneath your feet.  If you’re not having fun in your yoga practice, then maybe it’s time to mix it up a bit.  Perhaps it’s time to try a different teacher, venture into a new style, go on a retreat or maybe take a break altogether and have a dance party.

Whatever you have to do to check back in and capture that childlike essence, do it!  So, it should have taken you a little less than 5 minutes to read this post.  That leaves you at least 25 minutes to get up and move.  So close the lid of your laptop; shut down your computer; turn off your phone and make the most of your yogi recess!

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See you on the mat!

Peace + Love,


Costa Rica vs. Nicaragua


Over the years Nicaragua has become the go-to destination for yoga retreats, wellness excursions and healing tours; but why? Costa Rica is just a few hours flight away and also has some of the best beaches in the world. So what does Nicaragua have that Costa Rica is missing? Read below!

Life Out of the Box

For years, there has been a “sibling” rivalry between the Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans. Before moving to Central America, I had never been to Nicaragua nor Costa Rica. It was all new to me. After experiencing them both though, I think they’re both great! Of course I’m a bit more partial to Nicaragua as I’ve spent much more time there, but I thought Costa Rica was lovely as well. Ironically, I found more similarities than there were differences between these bordering countries. They’re both beautiful, warm & lusciously tropical Central American countries. There are, however, some striking differences as well. Here I compare and contrast the two wonderful countries to show you the differences and similarities a first timer saw of the two.

Cost of Living

Costa Rica is much more expensive than Nicaragua. I’m talking like way more expensive. The prices for just about everything you see in Costa…

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The Worst Word in the English Language


I literally just finished writing a blog post and in the middle of it, I got so inspired for my next one.  In the midst of writing I caught myself repeating a word, a terrible word and suddenly it all made sense. So what do you think is this terrible word? The worst word in the English Language? I’ll give you two hints – it’s not : Could’ve or Would’ve…. (Jeopardy music starts playing in the background) – What is, Should’ve?

Yes, but more precisely – SHOULD. Should is a word we should erase from our vocabulary in every language. Not only does it single handedly trip us all up, but it has this incredible power to make us feel like crap: to make us sad and completely disregard any amount of good we may have accomplished EVER in a single breath.

We should most definitely get rid of the word Should! How is it, that one word can hold so much power over us, and dictate what is good, bad or indifferent?  How is it when we feel like we haven’t amounted to something or when we’re comparing ourselves to others, this magical word – Should always inserts itself?

I should have done this!

I should be here!

I should have that!

I should look like this!

I should be able to do what she does!

I should be able to do it better!

and do you notice how it never shows up as a question, always a command. Reinforcing whatever false belief or judgement we have for ourselves and even worse on others.

Should is not accurate, it’s not even appropriate.  It doesn’t know what lies in your heart, mind or soul. It doesn’t know you, it just knows what the ego tells it. And, we all know how that story goes.

In 2014, I’m making a resolution (if you will), setting an intention and making a pact to rid my vocabulary of “should”.  If it’s not serving me I’m releasing it and moving forward a little lighter.

What word do you find yourself using a LOT in a negative way? What word can you release and turn into a positive.  In 2014, let’s make a promise to ourselves – of no more back talk, ugly talk or hateful talk to ourselves. Let’s only use words of love, compassion and kindness and see how much further that gets us.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest or share with someone you think might appreciate this and need to read the words.

Peace + Love,


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